A Bit
About Me

I have always had an interest in antiques, vintage styling, and quirky historical items, but until recently followed a very different career: For over 20 years I was a quality assurance specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, and my interest in antiques was confined to weekend buying and selling at car boot sales and antique fairs. 

The Fun Is In The Hunt!

If you have not done so before, or if you are a dedicated ‘antiquer’, I would love it if you would always consider taking time to purchase antique or vintage furniture before automatically buying new; half the fun is the hunt for that perfect piece for your home.


I believe in recycling and that buying and selling antique and vintage items is the ultimate way to recycle. Items that have age and have been used can still be decorative, relevant, and useful today. And with a bit of imagination can easily add interest to any contemporary home. It can also be particularly exciting and satisfying to find a new use or purpose for an old item.

What's With The Bird?

And if you were wondering, the bird is a Cornish Chough, a rare species of crow. I am a keen birder, the Chough is one of my favourite birds, and I was watching them on Anglesey when my husband proposed!